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The Studio

The former Creelman Credit Union currently houses Creelman Post Office on one side and my art studio on the other.

Some of my artwork is on display so in one sense it is a gallery.

But for the most part it is a place to make art. Sometimes I paint, sometimes I sculpt, sometimes I experiment. And when I’m ready to call it a day, I get up from what I’m doing, leave everything where it is, and walk home. The next day, or maybe not for 2 or 3 days I pick up where I left off.

Sometimes I teach art classes in the studio, and sometimes artist friends visit for a day of "arting" together.

I’m what you might call a social introvert. I truly enjoy visiting with people, but I also truly enjoy my time alone. My studio fills both those needs. So if you come into the building and the door is open, please feel free to wander in. I also often visit with people in the Post Office lobby through the glass walls. But if I’m concentrating on something I might not even notice someone in the lobby. It’s all good.

Yes, I do sell my art work, in the studio and online if anyone is interested. But, my studio is not “a business” as such. It’s mostly just my happy place.

Creelman Fair Day is sort of an exception. I am making a point of opening as a gallery the day of the fair, as well as the day before and the day after.  In 2024 that will be July 19, 20, & 21. Come on in, feel free to look around and visit.


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